Dreem 2

For this project with Silicon Valley start-up Rythm, hired Attack Interactive to make raw computer data usable and comfortable enough for restless sleepers to want wear on their heads overnight.
The device, called Dreem, is designed to help people with chronic sleeping problems. It’s said to work by monitoring a person’s brain activity and emitting sounds that will prolong their periods of deep sleep.
The sounds are relayed via bone conduction – which means the device should be inaudible to any sleeping companions in the bed with the wearer.
As well as the bone-conducting speakers, Dreem incorporates a number of sensors, a CPU (central processing unit) and a few basic controls. All of these had to be incorporated into the headband-like device and consumer based mobile product. Not an easy feat to say the least.
Rythm was founded three years ago with the mission to make sophisticated neurotechnology usable in the home. It put a lot of focus into nailing the science behind Dreem, which is supported by several studies.

ClientDreemServicesArt Direction, DesignYear2017/2019Linkwww.dreem.com

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